Carazo stands as one of the polished pearls of Nicaragua and that little by little is attracting more tourists.

Located to the north of Rivas and to the south of the coast of the Department of Managua

This small department has it all, although the tourist industry is just beginning to be developed

It's worth spending a few days in it if you have enough time.

The main economic activity of Carazo is agriculture and livestock

With coffee and citrus cultivation being the main agricultural activities.

The two major cities in the department are known as the "Twin Cities" Jinotepe - the capital - and Diriamba.

History of Carazo

En la época precolombina, estaba habitada por Dirianes, los cuales se conoce dieron una fuerte resistencia a la colonización española.

No fue hasta 1891 que se nombre como departamento, y su nombre lo debe al presidente Evaristo Carazo.

Aunque esta cerca de la Cadena Volcánica de Nicaragua, Carazo es el único departamento del pacifico que no posee volcanes.

Carazo Festivities

Both share the same religious and folk festivals, which are very famous at the national level.

If you are in the area during the holidays and have not witnessed the "Guaco bull dance"

The festivities in honor of San Sebastián and Santiago, and the dance of "El güegüense"

Here you can do it. It's really worth it!

The department also has 6 more municipalities

Most of them located in the great northern plains and engaged in agriculture

Highlighting the municipalities of San Marcos and Concepción.

Although little known, the beaches of Carazo are excellent for a few days

Both the beaches of Huehuete and Tupilapa de Jinotepe

Such as La Boquita or Chacocente Beach, where there is an important shelter of natural life in which thousands of Paslama turtles come to spawn every year.