Playa La Boquita

La Boquita Beach - Carazo - Nicaragua

Playa la Boquita

Playa La Boquita

Located in the municipality of Diriamba, the beach is the most appreciated of its tourist attractions.

It has developed a Tourist Center where they offer all the services that visitors may require, which has made it the most visited in the area.

National Tourism in La Boquita Beach:

It is very busy in Easter week by the locals, where they will enjoy and relax with a holiday.

In it you can do several activities, the most popular being surfing. Although you can also take horseback riding, fishing or boating.

How to get Playa La Boquita?

From the city of Diriamba it is very easy to reach the beach, just go to the road to the beaches - it is properly indicated - and continue to La Boquita beach.

If you want to get to it by bus, you can take it in the same city in the market.