Chichigalpa Nicaragua

The town of Chichigalpa, located south of the department of Chinandega and halfway between León and the city of Chinandega, is famous for its reeds and for keeping the rum headquarters of the most famous brand in Nicaragua and Central America, the Ingenio de San Antonio . This is precisely why the greatest activity of the town is the planting of sugar cane and the distillation of liquor.

Although little known, Chichigalpa has several little tourist attractions. The beaches of the Pacific coast are quiet and appreciated, as well as the volcanoes that are found in Los Maribios, in the North.

Telephone numbers of interest

  • Mayor´s Office 23432303
  • Red Cross 23432274


To get to Chichigalpa is done by the road connecting Leon and Chinandega, it is properly signposted and has no loss.