Cosigüina Nature Reserve Nicaragua

Volcano Cosigüina Nicaragua

The natural reserve of Cosigüina is located in Chinandega.

The natural reserve of Cosigüina, named after the main volcano of the reserve, is a must stop for nature lovers who visit the area.

At the western end of the Gulf of Fonseca is the volcano Cosigüina, which in 1835 made the largest explosive eruption in the world after Vesuvius in Italy.

Volcano Cosigüina eruption

According to records of the time, because of the eruption of the volcano there were three days of darkness, a forest covered with lava, seven huge rocks thrown to the gulf and records of clouds of its sand in Colombia and Mexico.

Now it is a Natural Reserve and its green lagoon at the bottom of the crater is reason enough to challenge you to climb its 835 meters.

In addition to the Cosigüina volcano, the natural reserve also offers the medicinal thermal baths in Potosí, the unspoilt beaches of the area and the beautiful Punta de San José, an entrance to the river from where you can see much of the Gulf of Fonseca.

Excursion or Tour to the Cosigüina Volcano

It is possible to climb the volcano from the Natural Reserve, but it is advisable to do so with a tour guide who knows the area. The climb has no greater difficulty.

It is necessary to remember that Volcán Cosigüina is an Active volcano and that can represent an added danger the visit of the place.


To get to the natural reserve of the Cosigüina you must take the road from El viejo direction to Congo, once in El Congo, you must continue on the road towards Potosí for about 12 km approximately.