Isla Zapatera


The well-known island Zapatera is actually a group of islands formed by an old dormant volcano, which measures about 68 square kilometers.

It is very interesting to see because it has enough archaeological remains of pre-Columbian times.

Apparently, the main island was inhabited for several centuries by the natives who populated the area, the settlers were basically engaged in fishing and agriculture.

In the San Francisco Museum, in the city of Granada, several of the archaeological objects of the island are in exhibition.

Touristically it has not been exploited, so the place is almost virgin and nature is very generous.

 You can visit it from the port of the Tourist Center of Granada, where you must arrange a tour with some guide that will transport you by boat to the area.


To get to the Zapatera Island you should go to the Tourist Center of Granada, on the lake shore of the city of Granada 

where you can hire a guide to take you to the group of islands.