The currency of Nicaragua

The currency of Nicaragua is the Cordoba, but the US dollar is also accepted throughout the country regularly. The monetary unit of Cordoba is a C followed by a dollar sign: C $

The currency in Nicaragua has changed several times in style and design of their tickets, new ticket and last families were built in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century.

Currency regulation

To regulate the currency in Nicaragua there the Central Bank of Nicaragua, to which it belongs, exclusively, the issuance of currency in the country, as well as the exercise of the functions related to the putting into circulation and withdrawal of banknotes and coins. So the change of Cordoba dollars is fixed by them.

The currency exchange in Nicaragua may do so at any of the banks in the country, banks offer the change to the official value set by the Central Bank of Nicaragua. However there are also independent moneychangers (popularly called "coyotes") that make a similar change banks.

Currently the exchange is trading at C $ 30.1 cordobas per $ 1 dollar.

evaluation of the national currency against the US dollar is done daily and in all national banks may change. You can see the change of day bank BANPRO page at the following link:

Prices across the country are of two forms, in cordobas or dollars, why you should always check the currency sign. But if you pay in dollars, it is normal to always get your change in cordobas.

In most establishments also accept credit cards and debit cards, except in all small towns.

To withdraw money you can go to a bank or you can do it from ATMs located in all the malls and gas stations.

An important fact is that all workers are paid around the 15th and 30th of each month. So, if you visit a bank we would advise you not to do these days because they are very crowded and long lines.


Hay monedas de C$5 y C$1, así como de 50¢, 25¢, 10¢, y 5¢.


Hay billetes de C$500, C$200, C$100, C$50, C$20 y C$10.