Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America and is the sixth safest Latin American and Caribbean country.
But as traveler you must always take precautions, considering the region in which it resides. Like everywhere in Nicaragua there are more dangerous than others and where you should go with a little more care sites.
If you do not know the address ask people you have around you. It is good that in every destination where the locals go ask what are the safer areas and places are best avoided. In all cities there are neighborhoods or more "conflicting or dangerous" areas and it is good to know what to avoid taking unnecessary risks.


I was cautious and do not flaunt money, jewelry, cell phones, cameras or electronic equipment. It is recommended that you keep your money in a wallet or purse is not visible in any part of your body. If possible always takes up a photocopy of your passport and the original document leave it in a safe place, if you are forced to travel with your documentation up take her well protected you, for the loss of the passport can cause you real headaches.
If you go to a bank or an ATM try to save as quickly as possible the money and in the same establishment avoiding going outside with money in hand.
When you go to take a taxi make sure you have your identification tower, its plates that identify them as taxis and the driver has in a visible place its official driver's license.
In the bus terminals and inside the buses always keep your belongings with you or in a visible and easily accessible. Some buses that perform longer journeys have luggage rack to store luggage, other buses placed suitcases and bundles up properly secured bus. This is safe and there is no risk that your luggage is lost or disappear.
Managua has a bad reputation for safety, but it is actually one of the safest capitals in Central America.
Managua offers a pleasant and safe stay in except for a few points that are best avoided, such as:
Cast Schik, Barrio Jorge Dimitrov, the eastern market and near the National Stadium should be avoided at night and in the area where the office of Ticabus is located, have many precautions, since it is an area where many travelers move and where increases have been reported in recent years assaults. So you should avoid staying in hotels near this place.


In Nicaragua the National Police has a specific line to serve tourists, the number of the line is 101.
The emergency number is 118. If you have any situation requiring police intervention is advisable to go to the police office that has closer.