cerro negro leon nicaragua

Cerro Negro Volcano - León - Nicaragua

Cerro Negro volcano

Cerro Negro volcano

Cerro Negro volcano

Cerro Negro Volcano It is one of the youngest volcanoes in the world, although it seems to have always been part of the landscape, formed from nowhere in the year 1850. From a small height, it is an active volcano unstable to be respected. 

Cerro Negro last eruption:

Its last great eruption was in the year 1992 and forced to displace several thousand people who lived in the zone, besides maintaining the city of Leon with a huge cloud of ashes. It measures 730m above sea level, although it is only 500m of climbing to reach the top, the excursion is tired since the slope is very high and it dilates about an hour to reach it.

Tourism in Cerro Negro Volcano:

In recent years, the Cerro Negro volcano has become famous for its tourist attraction and it has developed tourist activities such as extreme sport of sandboarding or cycling descents. World famous and with several reviews in any magazine specialized in tourism worldwide.

There are several tour operators that organize tours in the area, most of them located in the city of León.

Sandboarding in Cerro Negro Volcano:

The excursion is reserved for experienced hikers and climbers in good shape. Because the hardness of the same is high and is a great challenge for those who try. Despite this, it is absolutely worth it and we highly recommend it as it is a unique experience.

Getting to the top and being able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and feeling coupled with the giant volcano creates a unique natural connection.

The visit to the volcano is highly recommended and you can do it even with family. It must be done in a 4x4 vehicle, since the road leading to the volcano is sandy and a vehicle without double traction is very likely to be stranded in the sand.

Cerro Negro Tour: 

It is also highly recommended to do the tour with a local guide, since you will know where to go and can solve any unforeseen events that might happen along the way.

For the excursion, we recommend that you bring plenty of water, sunscreen and energy foods.