EL BELGA LOCO – Las Peñitas-



Trace your route to Belgan Loco

The Belgan Loco is a guest house with 7 rooms with private bath, fan and wifi.

The rooms are for 2 adults and some for 3 adults.
The hostel offers a place to relax waterfront space …

Guests can cool off from the hot environment of Leon in the pool facing the beach, relax on sun loungers and hammocks in the shade of the trees and watch the waves of the Pacific below the ranch.
Besides breakfast, the hostel offers several cocktails, drinks, shakes and snacks all day.
A quiet place to enjoy “farniente … take it easy and relax!”.

LOCATION: Las Peñitas, de la Pescanova 150 varas al Sur, Lado Mar

SCHEDULE: 24 h/7d

CONTACT: 89419424 (Claro) / 76266598 (Movistar)

EMAIL: elbelgaloco@hotmail.com