Momotombo Volcano - Momotombito Nature Reserve in León - Nicaragua 


Momotombo Volcano

The Momotombo Volcano, together with the Momotombito Volcano, located on the island of the same name, are part of the Momotombo-Momotombito Volcanic Complex Nature Reserve.

Momotombo in La Paz Centro

The Momotombo Volcano, is located in the municipality of La Paz Centro, is the flagship volcano of all the West and one of the natural national symbols. Its name comes from the Nahuatl and means "Great Summit fiery".

From the distance can be perfectly glimpsed the ravages that made in its last eruption, dated in 1905, when it emitted a huge lava and magma river that descended by the slope of the volcano.

Momotombo volcano Cone Structure

Its perfect structure forms a cone with the always steaming peak that measures the impressive figure of 1280 meters. It is covered with forest until approximately 700 meters in height. From there, the steep slope that leads to the top is purely of rocks and volcanic stones. In the midst of the thicket of these forests were discovered in the year 1850, by the explorer and diplomatic Squier, pre-Columbian statues.

The excursion is reserved for experienced hikers and climbers in good shape. Because the hardness of the same is high and is a great challenge for those who try. Despite this, it is absolutely worth it and we highly recommend it as it is a unique experience. Getting to the top and being able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and feeling coupled with the giant volcano creates a unique natural connection.

If you decide to do the tour, look for your local guide of trust in the area that will accompany you and help you achieve it. We also recommend that you bring enough sunscreen, water, a cap for the sun and something to eat.

Island of Momotombito:

Located very close to Momotombo, the small island of Momotombito is formed only by the volcano of the same name. To get there you must rent a boat to some fishermen from Port Momotombo, the population located next to the ruins of Leon Viejo.

The volcano that is inactive has a height of 350 meters above the sea. In the western zone of the volcano we find Laguna Monte Galán.

Momotombito Volcano Island

Also on the Island Momotombito were discovered by the American explorer Squier numerous pre-Columbian archaeological vestiges. Images carved in basalt rock in the form of idols and human figures.

How to get to Momotombo - Momotombito Nature Reserve