Nagarote Leon

Nagarote - León - Nicaragua


42 km from Managua, Nagarote is the first important population that we find in the Carretera Nueva a León and is famous for its Quesillo, a traditional Nicaraguan dish consisting of a cheese with tortilla accompanied by onion and cream, considered the Nagarote the best of country.

Nagarote History

The town was erected by the Spaniards on top of an old Chorotega settlement of Nagrando, hence its name; Although there is another theory that says the name comes from the words "nagualli-otli", that means "place of sorcerer".

Nagarote Architecture

Nagarote has little architectural tourist interest and is little known. In the central park is the church of Santiago, that is national monument and was erected in 1575, although it was later restored in several occasions.

In the municipality there is a big tree of Cenízaro that is counted that is more than 1,000 years and is considered one of the oldest trees of all Central America. There is even a museum located next to the tree with sculptures and pieces of it.

Nagarote Tourism:

The best known of Nagarote and what probably arouses more tourist interest are its beaches. Being those of El Velero and Puerto Sandino the most tourist. Both highly prized for surfers.


Getting to Nagarote from Managua by bus is simple and there are two options: From the Israel Lewittes market or from the UCA bus station. To arrive by car, you should drive 42km from Managua along the Nuevo de León road.