Puerto Sandino and El Velero

Puerto Sandido - El Velero - León - Nicaragua

Puerto Sandino and El Velero

Puerto Sandino and El Velero are two of the most appreciated beaches in the whole country for surfing. Both located in the municipality of Nagarote and easily accessible.

Puerto Sandino:

It is a small town located in what used to be a great seaport, now less but still of great importance in the country.

Earlier, at the time of the dictatorship, it was called Puerto Somoza, in years of the revolution the name was changed to it.

Surf Spot in Puerto Sandino: 

It is very appreciated for the practice of Surf for its waves and although before there was not much to choose, is currently increasingly developed tourist and there are several businesses specializing in aquatic sports.

El Velero:

Located a few kilometers south of Puerto Sandino is the beautiful fine sandy beach of El Velero, which has a small urban core.

At the time of the revolution, in the 80s, it was used as a spa for workers and was developed as a tourist. 

You can still see gaps of the time to day today. In addition to the beach, which is perfect for resting and relaxing, there is a natural estuary that you can visit with some local guide.

In addition, there are restaurants specializing in fish and seafood that make excellent dishes.

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