HOTEL DO BE DO -Little Corn Island-


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Hotel do be do

Rest…play some more! Escape the crowds and bask in the tranquility of this idyllic oasis tucked away on the more secluded/private northern tip of the island. Stay in the House with family or friends or perhaps in one of the Cabinas. All are fully equipped with electricity, drinkable water, flush toilets, and cooking facilities. For a more catered experience, we offer home cooked Nicaraguan cuisine as well as World fusion in our Dharma Restaurant and Bar.

Wile away the hours playing Billiards or Foosball or relaxing in one of the many hammocks strewn around the yard. A one minute jungle stroll leads you to the most quiet/pristine beach on the island, from where both sunrise and sunset illuminate. Kayak, snorkel, dive or fish from the beach to the coral reef just off shore.

Since it’s inception and being carved out of the jungle, our little resort, like the island itself, has undergone a seachange. From humble beginnings when the Cabinas were lovingly crafted by hand, a time before electricity, phone or Wifi service, we have grown organically. Seedlings have flourished into mature fruit trees and glorious flowers abound. Private bathrooms, fans, and Wifi have replaced the communal bathroom and deserted island experience. Where once we had Otto’s beach to ourselves, we now share it with Yemaya, where our guests can partake in Yoga classes or enjoy the sunset from the Driftwood beach bar. Though the island and our eco resort have transformed, we’ve maintained our values and principles. We continue to nurture the rustic feel of our resort, intentionally remaining small to foster a more intimate and inclusive experience. Encouraging clients to be more traveller than tourist, we offer authentic Nicaraguan cuisine as well as World fusion, and promote interaction with local people for recreational activities such as line fishing, snorkelling, and diving as well as learning about the natural medicines, plants, and folklore of this vibrant coastal paradise.

LOCATION: North Beach / Otto Beach

SCHEDULE: 24 H / 7 D

CONTACT: (505) 8208-4177


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