managua airport

Managua  Airport - Nicaragua

The main airport of Nicaragua is the "Aeropuerto Internacional Augusto C. Sandino", also known as "Managua Airport"

Managua Airport Location

Managua Airport is located to the east of the center of the city of Managua, in the km 11 of the North Road.

Managua Airport Administration

The aerial terminal of Managua Airport was under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of War, Navy and Aviation. It is currently administered by the International Airport Administrator (EAAI).

How many flights are coming to Managua Airport?

It handles an average of 100 daily flights to the United States, Central America, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and also connections and domestic flights to the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.

Managua Airport was one of the few structures that survived the devastating earthquake of 1972 (of 6.2 magnitude in the open scale of Richter), this earthquake caused to be activated the fault of the Airport, that passes under the track and Of the building but in spite of that this did not collapse.

Name of Managua Airport:

For the decade of the eighties the airport was designated the "International Airport Augusto César Sandino", in honor of the National Hero.

Up until 1995, the airport's refurbishment and remodeling work was reintroduced, incorporating modern elements for boarding passengers and also the construction of a space that now includes waiting rooms, shops, VIP lounge, elevator and escalator.

Already in the late nineties, the airport was only popularly known as the "Managua International Airport".

Airlines and destinations 


Nicaragua has the service of the small national airline called "La Costeña". Which also carries Charter flights and cargo transportation.

"La Costeña" carries out daily flights to the main Caribbean cities of the country, such as:

Corn Island, Siuna, Puerto Cabezas, Bluefields, Bonanza, Rosita, Waspán and San Carlos.


Nicaragua also has the service of the following international airlines:

-American Airlines:

North American airline that makes daily flights to Miami and connections.

-United Airlines:

North American airline that makes daily flights to Houston and connections.

-Delta Airlines:

North American airline that conducts a daily flights to Atlanta and connections.

-Copa Airlines:

Airline with Panamanian and North American capital that makes daily flights to Guatemala City, Managua, San José, San Salvador, Panama and its connections.


Central American airline that operates daily flights to Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico, Central America, Houston, New York, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba, Canada, Belize and Panama.

-Nature Air:

Costa Rican airline that flights to San Jose, Costa Rica and connections.