national museum nicaragua

National Museum in Managua - Nicaragua

National Museum of Nicaragua:

Located in the old National Palace of Nicaragua, one of the most spectacular buildings of Nicaraguan architecture in the capital and scene of a very important part of the recent history of the country.

That's why it's worth the visit to the National Museum.

Where is located The National Museum of Nicaragua:

Located next to the Revolution Square, inside the National Museum, the National Library and the National Archives Center are located.

national museum nicaragua

Visit National Museum of Nicaragua:

It has a permanent exhibition where you can know the history of the country, besides seeing various works of art, paintings, ceramics or even pre-Columbian art.

It also has adjoining rooms where there are itinerant exhibitions that are usually of great interest, both national and international.

National Museum Schedule

Monday to Friday: from 8-17h

Saturday and Sunday: from 9-16h

Price of the approximate entrance: Foreigners 50 C$

National: Free