LAGUNA BEACH CLUB -laguna de apoyo-



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Laguna Beach Club, is a tour company friendly with the environment located in the Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve.

Laguna Beach Club is a place to relax, have fun, socialize and discover nature. It offers accommodation and recreational activities such as kayaking, ping pong, petanca, tires.

Harmony with nature and community is the key to the development of Laguna Beach Club. So we are also focused on providing quality service to our customers.

-Offers Group:

They have variety in restaurants

Day pass $ 6

Prices: room from $ 30

-Bedroom At $ 12

Price without taxes


-Security 24h

private -Parking

-Access To the lagoon

-Use Free kayak

Our values,

  • RESPECT, to nature, community, customers and partners
  • QUALITY, provide a service that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.
  • HONESTY in our work with our partners and customers
  • LIABILITY assuming commitment to the company, our customers and the community.

LOCATION: In front of the triangle, entrance to Laguna de Apoyo

SCHEDULE: 24h / 7d

CONTACT: 2530-1925 / 2520-2840 / 8407-1279



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