San Ramón Nicaragua

San Ramón Nicaragua

Located 12 km from the city of Matagalpa, and 145 km from the capital Managua, San Ramón Nicaragua is a town with a lot of northern charm.

Eminently coffee grower, it is interesting to visit to know firsthand how life is in the North of Nicaragua.

Great richness in fauna and flora, it has a genetic nature reserve, coffee production, ecotourism and rural community tourism, hiking, horseback riding, swimming in rivers and under waterfalls, stays in private ecolodges.

in community hostels and even families, visits to old mines and weaving crafts with ancestral techniques..

you want to know more about San Ramón and all its possibilities.

The origin of San Ramón Nicaragua, dating back to the 1800s, was decreed municipality in 1905 and raised to the city in 2004.

In the town centre of this municipality we find two places to visit, the Church of San Ramon

Rustic and elaborated construction of materials extracted directly from nature.

The municipal park of San Ramón

The municipal park is worthy of a quiet walk, especially at dusk which offers a pleasant place to rest and admire the beauty of the natural environment surrounding the entire municipality.

In the community of Chile crafts have been made for over 30 years following indigenous traditions.

 It is a pleasant experience to get closer to the daily life of this women's cooperative,

Indigenous Weaving Looms of Nicaragua, which rescues the ancestral culture of weaving and weaving, making a wide variety of handbags, wallets, backpacks and others.

We will be able to observe and learn closely the weaving techniques that have passed from generation to generation since the first settlers as well as the history of this project.

Of an extreme and very virgin vegetation and a pure air that is breathed in the locality, it is worthwhile to spend a day in the mountains.

In recent decades, ecotourism and community-based rural tourism have been promoted in the area, very interesting experiences to know and in which we will be able to approach the day-to-day life of coffee producers and their entire process, from cultivation to transformation.

We find cooperatives, private farms and private wildlife reserves.

The cooperative UCA San Ramón, made up of 4 communities, La Corona, El Roblar, La Reina and la Pita,

offers visitors to get to know the experience of fair trade directly from the producers themselves and to share their daily life with the producer families themselves.

But if you want to get closer and share this experience even more closely,

some private farms offer the possibility of working on organic coffee crops, and

know at hand the different sustainable environmental techniques that are applied to offer a coffee bean of the highest quality and without chemicals.

Some of these initiatives also provide information on the region's fauna and flora.

They live in the area of chocoyos, parrots and monkeys congo and spider monkey, among others.

It should be noted that one of the private agro-ecological farms has obtained national and international recognition for the initiative to promote responsible tourism as an alternative income generating alternative.

Of mining origin this municipality offers, in the community of the Queen, to know the old mines, now in disuse.

A visit recommended for the most adventurous, to walk through the tunnels, some of them partially flooded, and to hear from former workers the harshness of life in the mine.

In this same community you can also visit the petroglyphs discovered in Cerro Grande.

In the municipality of San Ramón there is the Forest Genetic Reserve and Protected Natural Area of National Interest Serranías de Yúcul-Guabule-El Gorrión, where there is one of the strongholds of the Tecunumanii pine species.

Within this reserve, the Wabule river has formed capricious waterfalls and waterfalls with dams that invite you to swim and enjoy nature.

The Upuá River travels along a cliff in the Coyotera, some 700 meters high, which forms a canyon where the water slides and falls in a free jump worthy of admiration.

*Telephones of interest*

  • City Hall: 27725172
  • National Police 27725155


To get to San Ramon, take the Matagalpa to El Tuma-La Dalia road and take the detour to San Ramon,

which is the first important and is duly signposted, located about 12 km from Matagalpa.

To get there by bus, you must take the bus from Matagalpa city, from where buses leave constantly.

Map of San Ramon Matagalpa