el jicaro nueva segovia

El Jícaro - Nueva segovia - Nicaragua

El Jicaro, located 278 kilometers from the capital Managua, dawns with the smell of pine covered with a thick fog and protected by its mountains.

Tourism in El Jicaro:

There is no better way to start the day before going to visit the different tourist attractions that the municipality offers us than a steaming cup of coffee, with a fresh webbed tortilla accompanied by a good piece of curd and fried beans.

History of El Jicaro

Founded in 1874, it is marked by the struggle of the Free Men General -Augusto C. Sandino- against the American occupation of Nicaragua.

Augusto C. Sandino

In the year 1926 Sandino enters to work in the Mines of San Albino, located to few kilometers of the urban case, that are of property of a North American company.

Sandino aware of the exploitation of the working class and the enrichment of the North American company as a result of the exploitation of Nicaraguan resources is organized with a group of workers of the mine and join the Constitutionalist Struggle led by General Moncada.

In the year 1927 Sandino returns to El Jícaro and installs its headquarters changing the name to the municipality by "Ciudad Sandino".

Manifiesto of San Albino in El Jicaro

After rejecting the Pact of the Hawthorn is from here where it writes the known Manifesto of San Albino.

Sandino and his troops occupy the mines of San Albino for several weeks, but before the imminent attack decide to destroy the facilities and to leave the place.

Gold Mines from El Jícaro

Today we can visit The ruins of the gold mines of San Albino to be able to observe several machines that were occupied in the 1920s, in full splendor and extraction of the precious gold.

Thermal Waters in El Jicaro

Within the territory of the municipality is the Thermal Waters "Don Alfonso", where it is said that bathed the cacique Muyuca.

There are two entrances to reach the area of the hot springs that are located in the community of Aranjuez, one is by the entrance to El Jícaro from San José de los Lirios, The other entrance that is the most used is by the Municipality of San Fernando by the community of Aranjuez.

Near the hot springs are the thermal waters and the geiser known by the name of Aranjuez. The territory where the hot springs are located is owned by coodetur, a cooperative dedicated to the tourist service.

Map of El Jícaro Nueva Segovia