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SAN JUAN DEL SUR - Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur -  Nicaragua.

San Juan del Sur has become in recent years one of the most visited destinations in Nicaragua and undoubtedly a point of reference for lovers of surf, beach and party.

Located 141 kilometers from the capital, well communicated and easily accessible, San Juan del Sur is a picturesque, multicultural and young town.

san juan del sur nicaragua

San Juan del Sur Tourism

The arrival of tourism has not diminished its strong identity and today, this traditional fishing village has become a center of exchange of ideas and people, unique in Central America. The international community that lives in it is very large.

San Juan del Sur is a box of surprises that contains an interesting mix of sun and beach at night. Meet people from all over the world and local traditions. Conversations on the beach and between tables in the bars and restaurants of the area can discover great new friendships.

San Juan del Sur grows between two hills, on the shores of a beautiful horseshoe shaped bay. Its beach, suitable for bathing but appears and disappears with the tides, is usually crowded by local youths playing baseball or soccer, tourists strolling and taking pictures, or surfers.

At the end of the bay, the remains of a suspension bridge that crossed the river takes you to the neighborhood of the Talanguera. From here we start the ascent to the hill at the north end of the bay, crowned by a monumental Christ Redeemer that offers a view that well deserves the effort to climb.

History and architecture of San Juan del Sur

Although the architectural aspect is almost non-existent, a golden historical past is perceived in the Victorian houses of the malecon. These were built during the time of the Route of the Transit, or Route of the Gold, that united New York with California, to transport to those who ventured to go in search of gold. The boats reached the Atlantic coast and sailed the Rio San Juan, crossed Lake Cocibloca and then the passengers arrived by train to San Juan del Sur, where they embarked for the port of California in the United States.

Total a month of travel, in case they did it by land crossing the United States, represented them three months of travel, plus the risk of losing their lives in the continuous clashes with the Indians. Actually, this was the first interoceanic channel in America.

san juan del sur nicaragua

Restaurants in San Juan del Sur.

The tourist offer in San Juan del Sur is high, on the beach there are several food stalls, restaurants, bars and places of drinks. The offer is very varied and there is for all tastes and pockets. Plenty of international food, pizzerias and restaurants of people from all over the world have been integrated into the community of San Juan del Sur.

For locals, many of the town's restaurants and the beach offer delicious nicaraguan traditional dishes with fresh fish and seafood.

If your pocket is a little smaller and you prefer to eat cheap, you will find street food stalls in the street at affordable prices, but these are lacking sanitary monitoring, so we do not recommend them. Instead, there are local restaurants where for a little more money, you can eat well at popular prices.

Hotels in San Juan del Sur:

If you are looking for a place to sleep or rest, in San Juan del Sur there is also a great offer of Hotels with all the comforts you need for your rest in a pleasant few days.

In our hotel guide you will find all the options available and those that are more recommended. Your contact information and booking links. There are all the prices.

Cheap Hotels in San Juan del Sur

Sleeping for cheap in San Juan del Sur is possible as there are a number of hostels and lodgings where you can sleep cheaply in a bedroom or in a private room. Within our guide of hotels and lodgings of San Juan del Sur, you will find the best options to sleep at low price and with all the security that you need.

Tourism of Cruises in San Juan del Sur

The port of San Juan del Sur has recently begun to expand, an important point of entry for tourists arriving in a cruise to the town.

And is that San Juan del Sur is becoming a very important cruise port, both nationally and throughout Central America.

In the port of San Juan del Sur, thousands of tourists land each year visiting the city and its surroundings for a day and then continue their journey to the next destination.

Cruise tourism is fast and fast, but it is coming strongly to the city and every day that they arrive, they revolutionize this coastal town.

​Places to visit in San Juan del Sur

In San Juan del Sur the visitor finds a wide range of services and activities to do, most of them related to the sea. The offer is varied and in the city you will find several companies destined to satisfy your vacation needs.

In our guide of places of interest, you will find all the beaches of San Juan del Sur so that you visit and know the surroundings.

Surfing is perhaps one of the most popular South San Juan activities. In the area there are beaches for all levels and is a perfect place to learn and spend a few days surfing. There are several surf schools aimed at it and many tourists come here to do this activity.

You can practice swimming, sport fishing, scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing, fly boarding, whale and dolphin watching, surfing, private yacht tours, canopy tours, horseback riding, yoga and spa, language schools, parachute jumping ... and a great Nightly offer.

Beaches of San Juan del Sur

There are many beaches in the municipality of San Juan del Sur where you can go to spend the day, practice water sports like surfing or enjoy a long walk during the sunset.

In our section of Places of interest in San Juan del Sur, you will find a link to each of the beaches with photographs and directions to reach them.

​See turtles at Playa La Flor.

Another very popular activity are turtles. During the spawning season, you can see many of them on the beaches. Mainly in Playa la Flor. Where there is a Wildlife refuge destined to protect and preserve the fauna and where spectacular tours are made.

The site, prepared for it, is an unparalleled natural attraction throughout Central America. If you agree on your trip with the massive arrivals of turtles, do not miss the opportunity to see this natural spectacle without equal. That yes, follow the instructions of the park guards, do not alter the cycle of them and, above all, be respectful of nature.

You can go on an organized trip with any of the agencies and tour operators of San Juan del Sur.

The festivities in San Juan del Sur

​During Easter and Christmas, the town is filled with celebrations and people celebrating, both foreign and national.

If you are in the area during those dates and you like the party, it is an excellent opportunity for it. The beach becomes a huge massive party and you will meet people from all over the world.

The regional festivals in San Juan del Sur

They are given in honor to San Juan Bautista, in the environs of the 23 of June, the shortest night of the year and one of the nights that more festivities have around the world, in some cultures it is said that it is the night of the witches. 

In others it is celebrated with fireworks ... If you are traveling by that date, San Juan del Sur is highly recommended to visit.

Other festivities celebrated are those of the Christmas and the day of year end. As in all destinations in the country, both dates are celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world, so you will find a variety of offers to celebrate. 

Of course, keep in mind that for those dates the place is full of people, so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance in hotels and lodgings in San Juan del Sur.

Also, keep in mind that hotel prices during Christmas and New Year, as well as during Holy Week vary due to the high demand of the tourist destination. So you should not bother if you see that everything has become more expensive, as hotel rooms and lodgings are running out quickly. The best option in this case is to make a reservation in advance and ensure the site to enjoy on these dates.

christ san juan del sur nicaragua

Transportation in San Juan del Sur

Getting around San Juan del Sur is easy and you will do it on foot, the town is small and very safe, so there is no need to use taxi services to get around it.

San Juan del Sur is the perfect enclave municipality from which to leave several days discovering its numerous beaches, located in two large blocks, the beaches of the North of the town and the beaches of the South. 

They have two main access roads and you can reach them with any of the transport companies that are dedicated to it.

Taxis are usually a very used resource to move to the surrounding beaches and there is a stipulated rate for it, with which most taxi drivers take advantage of the situation and charge real barbarities to tourists who do not know the relation of the price of transport .

Our advice to move into San Juan del Sur:

Ask beforehand the price of transport to the reception of the hotel or accommodation in which you are sleeping, they will always help you to go wherever you want and enjoy your holiday in the best way possible. Also, many times they are going to recommend you companies and taxis of transport that use established tariffs.

Motorbike rental in San Juan del Sur

If you prefer to discover on your own, there are many companies dedicated to renting motorcycles or other vehicles in San Juan del Sur. The best and most recommended you will find them in our business directory that offer activities and services. All of them meet the legal and safety requirements to work and develop tourist activities.

If you have to move to the city of Rivas the best option is to use the shared taxis that are at the stop, on Central Avenue. They are going to charge you 50C $ and, as soon as they are filled, they go straight to the city. There are always several unemployed waiting for customers and leaving on their shift, you will find it much cheaper and is totally safe.

Phone numbers of Interest and Emergency from San Juan del Sur:

  • Town hall: 2568-2383
  • National Police: 2568-2382
  • Port: 2568-2398

How to get to San Juan del Sur:

To arrive by bus from Managua. You can do it with the buses that leave from the Mercado Roberto Huembes, you can consult the bus schedule and reserve the place previously.

If you are already closer, you can take the buses that leave the market of Rivas. Although it is advisable to use shared taxis. They are near the market of the city and have a fixed price of C $ 50.

If you are coming from Costa Rica, from the border post of Peñas Blancas there are vehicles that travel continuously to San Juan del Sur, if you do not use the public buses, you will have to negotiate the tariff with the transporter.

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