playa hermosa san juan del sur

Playa Hermosa - San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua

Playa Hermosa is an incredible white sand beach with stunning views from Nicaragua to Costa Rica and perfect waves for surfing.

Where is located Playa Hermosa:

The beach is located south of the Town of San Juan del Sur. About 12 kilometers from San Juan del Sur.

To enter the beach there is a minimum cost to pay per person. If you travel from Managua, the capital city, it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get there, the distance is not much, almost 140 km worth driving.

​Surf, Horseback Riding and Nature in Playa Hermosa:

On the way to the beach, along the road, you will cross some places until you reach a hill with beautiful views of Playa Tamarindo, which is the small bay between Playa Remanso and Playa Hermosa.

On the way you will probably also see monkeys, squirrels, cusucos, skunks and rabbits.

The beach also has horse stables so you can enjoy horseback riding along the sandy beach and along the forest trails. This makes Playa Playa the place you can't miss.

playa hermosa san juan sur

Surf on Playa Hermosa

On this white sand beach you can practice Surf and if you don't have a board you can rent one for the price of 10 dollars, and if you are a beginner and want to learn this sport also offer classes ranging from beginners to advanced.

If you are not so adventurous and just want to relax on this beautiful beach you can do it with total security that also expect delicious dishes to accompany the perfect atmosphere.

Horseback riding price in Playa Hermosa 

You can also go horseback riding. The rent costs $12 dollars per hour or go to the viewpoint where you can appreciate the view of this beautiful area.

playa hermosa

Turtles in Playa Hermosa

There is a beautiful event that is worth mentioning and it is the birth of the turtles of paslama, tortoiseshell or tortoise hawksbill. If you are lucky to visit Playa Hermosa you will be able to witness it.

If you are thinking about visite this beach and have doubts about where to stay, do not worry in this area there are many hotels of all prices and according to each need where you will find the ideal one for you.

Playa Hermosa Nicaragua map