playa remanso san juan del sur

Playa Remanso - San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua

Playa Remanso 

Remanso Beach is a beautiful white sand bay with areas open to everyone. It is located south of the city of san juan del sur, about 8 km away.

Playa Remanso Surf Spot

Playa Remanso is known for being the perfect beach for surfing, as it has a few incredible waves.
During the day you can see the amazing landscape and also you can see about 15 miles away the beautiful mountains of the neighboring country of Costa Rica.
To stay, the beach has vacation rental and rental of houses in private areas outside the community.

Playa Remanso Surf School

All the surf schools in San Juan del Sur also work at Playa Remanso and can offer you very interesting learning packages. Take a look to our Surf Schools directory.

Hotel in Playa Remanso:

There are some lodgings and hostels in Playa Remanso that offer you lodging services, but we recommend that you sleep in the comfortable hotels of San Juan del Sur and transport you to the backwater beach to spend the day.

How to get to Playa Remanso:

To get to Remanso beach you can negotiate transport with a taxi to take you to the beach.
Or you can find available public transportation services that will take you from the town of San Juan del Sur.
Public transportation is the easiest and safest way to get lost and find the beach