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Kiss Me has become the ice-cream parlour in Nicaragua, as its space is created with a very peculiar and original style. Apart from the beauty of the place there is a great quality in the product. The ice creams are made in a totally handmade way using fresh fruits and ingredients.

Kiss Me's ice-cream flavors are pure creativity and invention: Friends with rights, Every Crazy Man with his Theme, Live Fucked-up Lemon, Mud Matagalpa, Fruit Punch in the Face and many more to discover.

You can combine our flavors with a handcrafted CONE made every day in the shop, with COOKS or DONAS. We also offer the possibility of adding toppings to create a very special decoration.

We have wifi

LOCATION: In front of Miscelánea Sánchez next to the Colonial Hotel.

SCHEDULE: 10am- 10pm

CONTACT: 84737578/ 81661017


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