Ticuantepe - Nicaragua

History of Ticuantepe

Ticuantepe is a very young municipality, since officially its foundation was given in 1974 and the name is derived from the Nahuatl Tetl-cua-tepetl, which means hill with stones.

Location of Ticuantepe

It is located in the direction of Masaya from Managua, very close to the great capital, just 14 km distant, which normalizes that the economic activity of the majority of its inhabitants is to work daily in Managua.

Tourism in Ticuantepe

It has its own microclimate that makes it very pleasant and allows us to disconnect from the hot Managua. In the center of the village there is an archeological museum and several parks to visit.

In the municipality there are many restaurants, both on the road and in the city center, as well as lodgings and hotels for travelers.

Festivities of Ticuantepe

In the month of May the day of the cross is celebrated. Fiestas that begin on May 3 and end on the 13th.

You can participate in different activities such as dances, mechanical games, equestrian parades, mounted bulls and many more.

Processions are held in different communities.

In the month of December the procession of the "Niño Dios" is celebrated.

Natural Reserves in Ticuantepe

Curiously, this municipality has been characterized by environmental and wildlife protection and is famous for being the headquarters of the national zoo, the Montibelli Nature Reserve and the El Chocoyero nature reserve.

Phone numbers of interest in Ticuantepe:

  • Hall Town: 2279-7012
  • Hospital: 2279-9657
  • National Police: 2279-8083

How to get to Ticuantepe

Take the road to Masaya until you reach the roundabout at km 14 with a detour towards Ticuantepe - clearly signposted.

To get there by bus: In the bus terminal of the market Roberto Huembes leaves a bus in the direction of ticuantepe is exclusively towards this municipality.

Or take any bus that goes in the direction of Masaya, get off at the roundabout stop Km 14, and there take the mototaxi to the village.

The minibuses to Jinotepe that can be taken at the stop of the UCA pass through the municipality.

Map of Ticuantepe: