Tipitapa - Nicaragua

Tipitapa it's located in a strategic site of the north highway, it is the first municipality that you find after taking the Panamericana direction north from Managua.


Tourism in Tipitapa:

Hacienda San Jacinto:

The municipality itself does not have a great tourist interest, although it is known by Hacienda San Jacinto, where an important battle took place in the history of Nicaragua and where at the moment we can find a museum.

Thermals Baths of Tipitapa:

The other tourist point of the town are the Thermal Baths of Tipitapa, where there are several pools of thermal waters and a Tourist Center that manages them, being highly appreciated by the visitors and excellent anty-ages.

Restaurants and places to eat in Tipitapa:

In the area there are also restaurants and dining rooms, appreciated by travelers coming and going from Managua. As well as some lodging and hotel where to be able to spend the night.

Phone numbers from Tipitapa:

  • Town Hall: 2295-3200
  • National Police: 2295-3229
  • Red Cross: 2295-3320

How to get to Tipitapa:

To arrive is very simple, since it is the first town that you find in the Panamerican Highway north direction from Managua.

By Bus, from "El Mayoreo" Station, you can take any bus that goes towards the Panamericana direction north.