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Playa Popoyo - Tola - Nicaragua

Popoyo Beach is located in the department of Rivas, municipality of Tola, is one of the most extensive of the Pacific coast, with an extension of 2.1 kilometers in length and bounded by two rocky outcrops, Punta Sardina and Punta Santa Ana.

popoyo tola

Popoyo Beach tourism:

Popoyo Beach is an ideal place to enjoy the magnificent maritime landscapes that nature offers us. In Playa Popoyo you can find a varied hotel and restaurant offer, with prices so that you can choose according to your economy and your preferences.

Popoyo Beach Surf Spot

Popoyo beach is also one of the favorite beaches for surfers and houses specialized facilities and services that offer a great offer of quality for lovers of this sport.

World Surfing Games in Popoyo Beach:

For the fourth consecutive year, Nicaragua has become, in 2015, one of the international aquatic sports events par excellence, Torneo World Surfing Games, organized by the International Surfing Association (ISA). And for two consecutive years it is celebrated this competition in the Beach Popoyo.