Canal 10

Canal 10 is a commercial television station broadcast from the city of Managua in Nicaragua. It was founded by Carlos Pastora with property of the Ratensa Comunicaciones group on June 23,1997, firstly it was founded with the name "Canal 10 sobresaliente" and under the motto "The channel of our people".

Canal 10 is the most popular and popular television station in Nicaragua, second only to canal 2.

Canal 10 has always been known for being an informative, entertaining and above all a means of helping Nicaraguan society. Their goal is clear, they want to keep the population abreast of national developments, entertain through varied programming and help the most needy through their successful and effective "Fundación 10" program.

At the beginning, Canal 10 had a news bulletin with the name "Telediario 10", but it was later replaced by its famous news bulletin "Acción 10" (a red news bulletin). As confirmed by surveys, Action 10 is currently the nation's most tuned program.

Canal 10 also has two sister channels: Canal 9 and Tv Red.

Contact information:

De Mansión Teodolinda 2 c. West Managua, Nicaragua.

TEL.: (+505)2222 - 7788