Corinto Nicaragua

Corinto Port

In addition to being famous for having the largest port in the country in the Pacific Ocean, the town of Corinth has its own tourist interest.

Its peaceful beaches are perfect to spend a relaxing day of bathing and sun, besides being able to taste its exquisite meals, naturally with fish as main course.

By its own history, Corinth has always been of great importance because of its position in Nicaragua in the 1980s, during the period of the dirty war after the revolution, the port was mined and exploited by counterrevolutionary groups in operations financed by The United States government.

Likewise, in the church of Santo Tomás rest the remains of the Nicaraguan poet Azarías Pallais.

The first days of May a gastronomic fair is held where you can taste exquisite fish and seafood dishes.

In addition Corinto Island offers safe bathing places on beaches such as Costa Azul and El Chorizo, from where you can see the small island El Cardon, with a lighthouse that remembers the heist of old boats and where the poet Rubén Darío was inspired to make a Of his most famous poems: A Margarita Debayle.

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To get to Puerto Corinto you must take the road that connects Chinandega with Leon, - from Chinandega- Take the exit heading west at the roundabout junction, located just 2km from the City of Chinandega.