El Nuevo Diario

The newspaper LA PRENSA is an independent daily morning newspaper published in the city of Managua.

It was founded on March 2,1926 by Mr. Gabry Rivas, Mr. Enrique Belli and Mr. Pedro Belli, with a capital of C$5,000.00 and under the slogan "El diario de los Nicaragüenses. Which is maintained today.

It is one of the most important and widely circulated newspapers in Nicaragua as well as "El Nuevo Diario", but unlike this one, LA PRENSA has always been characterized by harsh criticism of the Sandinista government.

For some time (from 1928 to 1930) LA PRENSA's rights as a company were in constant change of shareholders until, in 1932, Dr. Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Zelaya bought all the parts, thus remaining the sole owner of the company.

After the death of Doctor Joaquín Chamorro in 1951, his wife Margarita Cardenal de Chamorro, as his universal heiress, became the new owner of LA PRENSA.

10 years later, on March 26,1961 Margarita Cardenal and her children formed the corporation "LA PRENSA, S. A.", whose shareholders currently represent the majority of their descendants.

Although Dr. Pedro J. Chamorro was not really the founder of LA PRENSA, he was its most emblematic director, his management of director and the rules he imposed gave it the newspaper character it deserved and which is still maintained to this day.
The daily LA PRENSA has always opted for an editorial line that supports the following topics: Politics, Democracy and Republic, Corruption in the powers of the state, Religion and faith, Free Trade and World Economy.

Like other important publishing houses in Latin America, LA PRENSA is also part of "Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (PAL)" since 2009.

The circulation of the daily LA PRENSA has reached a sustained average of 56,000 copies per day. It is currently distributed through 49 local agencies in the city of Managua and 147 departmental offices covering the entire national territory.

Contact information:

Km. 4 1/2 Highway North, Managua, Nicaragua.

P. O. Box #192
PBX (505)2255-6767
FAX (505)2255-6780 ext. 5369