volcán mombacho

Nature reserve Mombacho volcano

Just 10 kilometers from Granada, following the road that goes from the city towards Rivas,

in front of the town of Guanacaste, is the Natural Reserve of the Mombacho Volcano.

Located 10 km from the city of Granada and at 1345 m in height you can ascend by vehicle up to about 1200 m high.

There you can find the spectacular cloud forest, from which you can admire the views of the lake.

Mombacho Volcano Tour

There are many activities, including: watching animals such as howler monkeys, birds, lizards and the Mombacho salamander,

a very small salamander that exists only in this place where you can also visit the Butterfly Garden

where you can admire beautiful species in infinity of colors.

Also trekking and guided tours on foot or in special vehicles in which it surprises the great unevenness that is when you advance in those slopes so steep.

In short, it is a place worth visiting where you can have an experience that you will never forget.

How to get Volcano Mombacho Nature Reserve?

From Managua take the road to Masaya crossing Masaya until the Roundabout of Las Flores, where you must turn right.

You will pass through the city of Catarina;

Continue until you reach another road: start in Granada direction Nandaime,

when you find the Mombacho right in front of you at the next junction, turn left and follow the signs.

By bus from Managua at the station located in front of the UCA with direction to Granada to Nandaime until arriving at the stop of the Guanacaste, located at km 50 of the road from Granada to Nandaime.