Datanlí - El Diablo Nature Reserve

where Datanli is located?

The Datanlí-El Diablo Nature Reserve is located 27 kilometers east of the city of Jinotega and stands out as one of the richest biological heritages where one of the largest numbers of endemic species inhabit the country.

The inhabitants of the reserve have been able to find the balance between coffee cultivation, basic grains and vegetables and respect and preservation of the environment, developing community-based rural tourism initiatives, agro-tourism farms and eco shelters that seek to unveil the beauties of The reserve on the basis of the conservation commitment.

I can find in Datanli?

In the Reserve grow about 80 species of trees and about 21 different species of orchids. 90 species of birds have been counted, including the quetzal or the bell bird, both in danger of extinction. There are 75 species of snails, 28 species of mammals, such as the monkey congo, the jaguar or the mountain cat, 26 species of snakes and 12 species of amphibians, where the green oji frog stands out.


It was declared a protected area in 1991 and has an extension of 58 square kilometers. The word "Datanlí" of indigenous origin means "where the waters go down".

The Datanlí-El Diablo Nature Reserve is one of the only reserves that offers its visitors an interconnection of 4senderos that allows you to spend 5 days without leaving the reserve knowing and enjoying nature and tranquility and staying in any of the agroecological and Eco hostels that offer high quality services.

The community of the Foundress, located at the southern entrance of the Reserve (kilometer 144 of the La Fundadora junction), from its beginnings has had a great variety of national and international owners, from English to German, to the dictator Anastasio Somoza becoming a cooperative After the triumph of the Revolution in 1979.

Here we can climb to the Cerro de los Numbers, which besides offering us breathtaking panoramic views also offers us the possibility of knowing the petroglyphs of numbers engraved in stone.

In the same area of ​​the Founder we can decide for an excursion between Nebliselva forests to arrive at the Salto de la Mocuana, about 7 meters high, where we can cool off with its icy waters.

Tourist offer in Datanli?

In the area of the Founder we find several options to stay to sleep and that offer a varied tourist offer. We found the eco hostel "Entre Brisas y Encantos". In the farm coffee is produced and offers the service of eco lodge, hiking, coffee tour, horseback riding and excursions among others. Another option in the same area is La Finca Santa Enriqueta, which besides producing coffee, also produces vegetables and flowers.

In the area of ​​the Goviado, named for the main hill of the area, a rock formation that stands out among the forests, is located in the northern part of the Reserve. Here we can visit the Salto del Duende, a series of jumps between forest of haze.

We can go up to the Mirador de la Piedra del Amor or visit the Peña del Goviado, while a local guide tells you the Legend of the Prince of Goby. Located in this area we find the eco hostel Gobiado that offers us besides lodging and food the possibility to realize the coffee tour, hiking and horseback riding among others.

In this area you can do 3 trails (from the longest to the shortest) the Congo trail, the Lion trail and the Jilguero trail.

The Hacienda Santa Maura is the "Juan Roberto Zarruk" Biological Station of the Central American University (UCA), which is a center dedicated to the promotion of biodiversity research, which offers an ideal environment for meetings and retreats.

In the eastern part of the reserve we find the area of ​​La Trampa-El Volcán, which offers its visitors accommodation in the Finca Volcán Grande.

In the area of ​​La Esmeralda, there are several attractions to visit. There is at the Finca San Benito an Orquidiario and a zoocriadero of tilapias and guardatinajas. One of the charms of this sector is undoubtedly its waterfalls. We find the jump of Las Nuves, located in the community with the same name, and La Salva La Bujona, in the community of the Emerald, much better known than the first. As we walk from the community to the jump we find numerous birds and butterflies, after crossing the bridge over the Jilgüina river awaits us a scene worth admiring, a jump with a fall of 40 meters in height.


Within this area, in the Cerro del Diablo area, there are 4 trails (from the longest to the shortest), El Diablo trail, El Quetzal trail, La Pedrera trail and La Mocuana trail.

In the area of ​​La Bastille, located in the north-western area of ​​the reserve, we can visit the canyon that forms in the Bastille ravine that has a length of about 5 kilometers in length. The eco hostel Bastille offers accommodation and food service as well as the Possibility of trekking, coffee tour and horseback riding.

HOW TO GET Datanlí - El Diablo?

If you travel by own car from the city of Matagalpa you have to head for the road to the city of Jinotega and turn on the junction La Fundadora. If you travel from the city of Jinotega you should take the road that goes to San Rafael del Norte and turn right to take the secondary road that borders the Lake of Apanás and take some of the different entrances to the reservation. If you travel by transport Public from the city of Jinotega should take a bus that heads towards Pantasma and get off at the Jilgüina junction.