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Blue Hat Hostel is located in Leon, one of the most vibrant and important cities in Nicaragua. Leon is known for its beautiful beaches, volcanoes, year-round warm sunny climate, and lively nightlife. Our Blue Hat Hostel is two block from Central park , one block from super market, and within walking distance to many other churches and attractions, close to our facilities you can find various locations such as pharmacies, ice cream, coffee shop, banking service, laundry, restaurants among others by that and much more stay with us.
The private room has a maximum capacity of 2 people, he has a double bed for your convenience. If you prefer to have some privacy while continuing to enjoy the contact with the locals, you can share the common areas with other people, but you will also have a space just for you. Salutes your new friends to get up in the morning in the kitchen or giving them good night before going to sleep.

A Dorm is one room with several beds (bunk beds), all of which can be booked individually for different customers. Also referred to as “shared room”, since you share the room with other guests. Dorms may vary from 2 to 8 beds being in a mixed manner.
The Dorms are always cheaper than the private rooms in the same structure, and usually requires people to be a little more flexible, since his roommates can sleep or wake up at times different to yours. However, the dorms are much more fun, since it is much easier to meet travel companions and you share the room with them! After all, the loss of privacy is contrasted by many social benefits.
For us the customer feel at ease and comfortable, is our main concern.

Shuttle Service

We are an International Tourist Transport Company and Travel Agency, with offices in Beach El Tunco, El Salvador, Guatemala and León, Nicaragua. We provide Shuttle services between some of the best tourist places in Central America. Antigua Guatemala, El Tunco beach, Ruta de Las Flores, León Nicaragua, Rivas and San Jorge and more

Cerro Negro (Black Hill) is an active volcano outside of Leon, Nicaragua. It’s a relatively new one at only 161 years old. Because the cone is primarily made up of small penny-sized grains of volcanic rock, it’s possible to ride or surf down the steep slope on a wooden sled.

LOCATION: Del banco Procredit 25 metros al sur

SHEDULE: 24 H / 7D

CONTACT: 23110518



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