Isla Juan venado

Isla de Juan venado - León - Nicaragua

Juan Venado Island

The island of Juan Venado is one of the places we highly recommend if you are in the area. The island, 22 km long and 600 meters wide, is attached to the peñitas beach when the tide goes down, so you can access one of its ends on foot and enjoy its secluded beaches.

Juan venado Island Tourism

But it is much more exciting to get there by boat with a local guide through the estuary, its rivers of salt and between mangroves, where you can appreciate the number of water birds and typical mangrove vegetation. If you are lucky, you can see alligators sunbathing in the little beaches of the mangrove. A unique experience.

Biological Station

Halfway there is a biological station where you can make a stop and get to know first hand the rehabilitation work done by the nature reserve. Depending on the times of the year, they keep eggs of the turtles that hatch daily and release the offspring to the sea. One of the most beautiful animals in the world to observe and protect.

For the excursion we recommend that you bring sunscreen, cap, drinking water and something to eat.


To get to the island of Juan Venado you must go from the beach of Las Peñitas, where with the help of a guide you can get there by boat. You can hire a local guide or some local artisanal fisherman. Even if you go with a local guide, it is necessary to pay a token tourist tax that is charged for the maintenance of the Natural Reserve.