La Paz Centro

La Paz Centro León Nicaragua

La Paz Centro

La Paz Centro:

Located 56 kilometers from Managua and easily accessible by the New to Leon highway is La Paz Center, the largest municipality in dimensions throughout the department.

The municipality was founded in 1610, after a strong eruption of the Momotombo volcano that buried the city of León Viejo and caused a population movement in the area, settled its inhabitants in which today is the municipality of La Paz Centro, although In other times it was called different.

La Paz Centro Tourism

The main tourist attraction of La Paz Centro are the ruins of León Viejo, although it has other interesting tourist attractions.

Momotombo Volcano in La Paz Centro 

In the municipality of La Paz Centro is also the Momotombo volcano, with its Natural reserve, the rivers that cross it, the thermal baths, its parish temple or church raised in honor of San Nicolás de Tolentino, declared national monument and located in the Center of the population.

In addition to the island La Rosa, nesting place of several species and that can be visited with the help of a local guide.

Local Festivities in La Paz Centro

The patron saint of La Paz Center is San Nicolás de Tolentino and the patron saint festivities are celebrated in his honor on September 10. The parties last several days and are usually very fun, if you are in the area on the dates, do not hesitate to visit the famous equestrian.


It is located 56km from Managua by the New to Leon road. To get there by bus, you can do it from the stop of the UCA or with the buses that leave the Israel Lewittes Market. Buses that go to León pass through La Paz Centro.