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Little Corn Island Nicaragua

Little Corn Island

If the Big Corn Island is a tropical paradise, the Little Corn Island is even more so because of its small size. As it has only an extension of less than 3 square kilometers. In an hour strolling quietly, the island is crossed from end to end by the only cobbled road that attends.

It is an incredible place that you can not miss if you are in the Maiz islands. Although getting to it is a bit complex, it is totally worth it. Just to get to the site you are relaxed.

On the island there are several businesses dedicated to tourism, lodges, hotels and cabins for rent, as well as restaurants and diving schools. As it is a perfect place to practice water sports and in it you can enjoy spectacular seabed. Taking a stroll along its white coral beaches and enjoying the vegetation while the sun goes down is something so extraordinary that you will never forget.

The island recently banned plastic bags and there is a project to keep it eco-sustainable, so when you visit it, we beg you to be careful with the environment. On the island there are no vehicles, no cars or motorcycles, at the most you will find someone on a bicycle.

The charm of the island is its incredible white beaches with transparent waters, the tranquility you breathe and the wonderful coral reefs that surround it. Snorkeling in them is an unforgettable experience.

The population that lives on the island lives on tourism and fishing and is mostly of Creole or Afro-descendant origin and are very friendly to visitors. The food they prepare is delicious and lobster, fish and coconut predominates as a food base.


Arrive on time to the Big Corn Island pier from where the panga runs to Little Corn Island, as it is easy to run out of place. Also take something to cover the objects you carry with you, it is very likely that they get wet, wear spare clothes. If you are afraid of the sea, it is advisable to think about the boat trip to Little Corn Island in case there is bad weather, temporary or winter storms.


To get to Little Corn Island there is only one way, in Panga from Big Corn Island. Daily a small boat leaves the port towards the small island. If there are enough passengers, the boat makes more than one trip a day, but if there is not much demand, only a daily trip is guaranteed and if the sea conditions are good. Information and schedules should be asked in the same port. We recommend to arrive in time to the boat to have quota.