plaza inter Managua

Plaza Inter - Managua - Nicaragua

Plaza Inter is a Shopping Center in the city of Managua. It is located on Avenida Bolivar next to the north side of the exclusive hotel Crowne Plaza Hotel Managua and its Crowne Plaza Convention Center.

It was inaugurated on December 16, 1998 by the current president Arnoldo Alemán. With a variety of shops, fun for the whole family, good prices, discounts and a cozy space with unique air conditioning in Managua.

Currently, Plaza Inter is the first and only shopping center in Nicaragua that has an air-conditioned environment in its facilities.

The Plaza Inter shopping center has more than 65 commercial establishments, a La Colonia Supermarket, a theater with cinemas and a Food Court with capacity for more than 12 restaurants.

Plaza Inter also has an entertainment plaza, called "Plaza Maya" in which are held karaokes, concerts, fairs, etc.

Cinemas in Plaza Inter

Cinemas Plaza Inter is part of the Cinemas line which is also located in Galerías Santo Domingo.

Initially the shopping center had been inaugurated with only four cinemas, but on July 11, 2002 four more rooms were opened, making a total of 8 cinemas scattered on 3 floors.

In Cinemas Plaza Inter, each room has 76 seats in total, which are placed both in stands and flat level, for those who are difficult to climb the stands.

Public transport in Plaza Inter

On the outskirts of Plaza Inter is a busy bus stop.

The bus routes that pass through the place are: 118, 116, 154, 101, 107, 109 and MR4.

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