National Theater Ruben Dario

National Theater Rubén Darío - Managua - Nicaragua

National Theater Ruben Dario

It is the Nicaragua National Theater and although it began to be planned its construction in 1964 and was built in the 70's, it has a modern air very avant-garde by the time.

National Theater Ruben Dario History

It is an emblematic heritage of old Managua that survived the 1972 earthquake.

The building is located in national lands on the shores of Lake Xolotlán as the first element of a set of images that in the process of reconstruction will constitute the executive and cultural center of the Capital.

It is praised throughout the world as one of the best theaters in Latin America with excellent acoustic and visual conditions. Its dimensions are ideal so that each of the people in the theater are in contact with the stage.

Events in National Theater Ruben Dario:

The events that are held inside are usually of high quality and prices are not excessive, so if you like to go to the theater, you have the opportunity to know the best theater in the area and enjoy a good evening.

Music, Drama, Opera, Ballet can be presented in the flexible stage and the large lobbies, allow to carry out civic events or protocols. At present the Great Hall or Hall of the Crystals has been adapted for concerts of little publics.

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