tiscapa lagoon managua nicaragua

Tiscapa Lagoon - Managua - Nicaragua

Tiscapa Lagoon it is a Nature Reserve located in the southeast of Managua, composed of a volcanic lake surrounded by about 15 hectares of forest that make you forget that you are in the middle of a large city.

Tiscapa Lagoon is a volcanic lagoon

Formed in the remains of an extinct crater about 10,000 years ago, in it we find a viewpoint where we can observe the lagoon surrounded by buildings that are part of the city.

Tourism in Tiscapa Lagoon

If you like sports activities, in the Tiscapa lagoon is installed a huge canopy from where we can shoot to cross.

Tiscapa Lagoon Sandino sculpture

From the distance is visible the huge metallic silhouette of Sandino, who presides over the lagoon from its north side.

tiscapa lagoon sandino sculpture managua nicaragua

tiscapa lagoon sandino sculpture managua nicaragua

This majestic sculpture was designed by Ernesto Cardenal in 1990.

Although the Tiscapa Lagoon is a place of fun and recreation where the families of Managua come to relax, the place has its dark past.

Tiscapa Lagoon during Somoza dictatorship:

For during the Somocista dictatorship was the headquarters of the National Guard, as well as headquarters of the Presidential Palace. In the many military rooms torture was frequently practiced.

Visit old military enclosure in Tiscapa Lagoon:

At the moment it is possible to realize a guided tour by the old military enclosure. As a curiosity, there is also a tank that was given away by the Italian dictator Mussolini to Somoza Garcia.

Where is Tiscapa Lagoon:

In the midle of Managua city, Near Plaza Inter mall. It's very easy to go to the top with vehicle. Just have to pay a symbolic entry.