El Tuma La Dalia

El Tuma La Dalia - Matagalpa - Nicaragua

El Tuma - La Dalia

The municipality of El Tuma La Dalia is located in the department of Matagalpa, 175 kilometers from the capital Managua, and 45 kilometers from the city of Matagalpa.

History of El Tuma La Dalia

This municipality of cool and pleasant temperature, has its origins by the years of 1920 and is elevated municipality in 1989.

Coffee production El Tuma La Dalia

Its main economic source is agriculture and coffee production, producing 10% of the golden coffee beans nationwide.

The department of Matagalpa enjoys countless "jewels in the rough", little known and less touristically exploited.

​Tourism in El Tuma La Dalia

El Tuma La Dalia is one of those jewels. The tourism development experiences are focused on eco-tourism, agro-tourism, community rural tourism...

is a perfect combination that brings us closer to nature, to the production processes of the main rubles in the area, and to a commitment and responsibility regarding the care of the environment and respect for animal, plant and human life.

Activities to do in El Tuma La Dalia

In the last few years several private ecolodge have been developed in this municipality,which offer attractive facilities in accordance with the environment and a number of activities to do: hiking, guided routes on foot, vehicle or horse, excursions in waterfalls and waterfalls, bathing in the rivers, approach to flora and fauna.

Get to know the production processes of coffee in the different certified farms, as well as more unusual products such as strawberries and raspberries or Jamaican flowers.

Laguna San Martín

Another place that has been developing tourism is Laguna San Martin, where a private complex has been developed that offers restaurant, hotel and school services for students from a variety of studies related to tourism development,

La Dalia Water Park

offers an aquatic park consisting of a swimming pool and a set of inflatable playgrounds and amusement platforms in the lagoon. This facility also offers a tourist entertainment service.

The municipality of Tuma La Dalia is within the territory of the Macizos de Peñas Blancas Natural Reserve, as well as the municipality of Rancho Grande (Matagalpa) and the municipality of Cuá in the department of Jinotega.


The Tuma La Dalia celebrates every year is recognized as a municipality in the month of August and in February they hold religious celebrations in honor of their patron saint Our Lady of Lourdes.

How to Get El Tuma La Dalia

From the city of Matagalpa, head for the Tuma La Dalia-Waslala road, which is duly signposted.

If you travel by public transport, from your destination take a bus to Matagalpa, and there take a bus to Waslala in the bus terminal Guanuca.