San Carlos Nicaragua

San Carlos Nicaragua

San Carlos is located 290 kilometers from the capital Managua and is the head of the Rio San Juan department.

Is located in an idyllic and capricious place, on the shores of Lake Nicaragua and right where the San Juan River begins.

Exuberant and virgin nature everywhere.

It is possible to reach San Carlos Nicaragua through three routes; The terrestrial, the aquatic and the aerial.

San Carlos was founded in the year 1526 and became known as Nueva Jaén, it was not until the seventeenth century that it was refounded and given the name with which we know it today.

Tourist Attractions San Carlos Nicaragua

To get closer to its history of the colonial period we can visit La Fortaleza built by the Spaniards in the year 1666.

From its viewpoint, guarded by canyons of the time, it is possible to appreciate the Lake and the Rio San Juan.

San Carlos was sacked by pirates on numerous occasions and was visited by illustrious historical figures such as the writer Marck Twain (1866) and the English naturalist Thomas Belt (1870).

One of the must see places is the recently renovated Malecon de San Carlos.

Where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish and cooked in the style of San Carlos.

Each year, an International Fishing Tournament is held in September in the town, where competitors from all over the world participate.

In the territory of the municipality of San Carlos is the Solentiname archipelago, the Guatuzsos Wildlife Refuge and the Esperanza Verde Natural Reserve.

All three are part of the Rio San Juan Biosphere Reserve.

The Esperanza Verde Natural Reserve is located inside Los Guatusos Wildlife Refuge and represents one tenth of this.

Both protected areas are part of the Rio San Juan Biosphere Reserve.

The name Esperanza Verde Reserve, comes from the intention to change what generated the Gold Route

That centuries ago passed precisely in this territory, for a new Hope and Life that Nature contributes.

The Reserve Esperanza Verde presents a great wealth in its fauna and flora.

According to studies conducted, up to 326 species of birds have been counted, many of them migratory birds coming from Canada and the United States.

In the waters of the Reserve inhabits the closed fish and freshwater sharks, as well as the shad and the snook or the lizard fish. For its forests it is possible to find jaguars that are in danger of extinction.

The Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge, part of the Río San Juan Biosphere Reserve, was the first RAMSAR site declared in the country in 1997.

The Guatuzos were descendants of the tribe of coribicies, warriors and fierce fighters.

Within the Refuge there is a great natural wealth, according to studies carried out have been counted more than 300 species of plants emphasizing the diversity of orchids.

136 species of reptiles, 42 mammals and 362 birds have been identified.

Inside the Refugio you can visit the Guatuzos Ecological Center, on the banks of the Papaturro River, where

Conduct research and offer visitors the possibility of conducting guided tours and accommodation services within the refuge itself.

One of its greatest attractions is to have the possibility of observing in its natural habitat animals like crocodiles, jaguars, monkeys or turtles.

It is possible to do kayak tours.

You can reach the Refugio with boats or pangas from San Carlos towards the community of Papaturro.


You can reach San Carlos by public transport, taking a bus at the Mayoreo terminal in Managua. The trip expires between 6 and 7 hours and the cost of the passage is around 150 cordobas.

Another option to get to San Carlos is with the ferry that leaves from Granada, or the one that leaves from the Island of Ometepe.

It is also possible to arrive by air from Managua Airport.