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Zen yoga is the reference space for yoga in San Juan del Sur. The mission of the Nicaraguan Yoga Institute is to connect retreat leaders from around the world with the Nicaraguan yoga community to transmit their passion for yoga and surfing with beginners to the most experienced practitioner in a beautiful environment.

Yoga classes are offered every day at the following prices:

  • $10 per class
  • 40 pack of 5 classes
  • 60 pack of 10 classes
  • monthly pack - $120 per month

Massage card:

  • Zen blond/ Relaxation
  • Deeptissue
  • Couple massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Body Treatments

Body Masks:

  • Choco Love
  • Tropical Wellness Sweet


  • Coffee with love
  • Super Hydrating Coconut

LOCATION: Central Park, south corner 1/2 block down

HOURS: 7am - 7pm

CONTACT: 25682008 -(505) 84651846

EMAIL: vanessa@zenyoganicarauga.com

WEBSITE: zenyoganicaragua.com

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