Gigante, Tola

Gigante and Colorado Beach in Tola - Nicaragua


The first interesting town of Tola is Gigante, a small fishing village at the foot of a small bay, which still retains its charm so that its main activity, fishing, has not been completely dislodged by tourism.

​Tourism in Gigante Beach:

In any case, the community is adapting to this new activity and thanks to cooperation projects and the arrival of foreigners, who decide to stay, captivated by the magic of the natural environment in which it is located, the locals are also learning to take advantage of the visitor.

There is no public bus to Gigante, the bus that leaves from Rivas to Las Salinas leaves you 7 km away, and you have to be prepared to walk. If you're heavy loaded, better take a taxi in Rivas or Tola. (25-30$) A little further north, we find Colorado Beach, privatized by a development of luxury villas for retirees mostly from the United States.

Beaches Law in Nicaragua: 

In Nicaragua the beaches are public, but no access to them, so you can reach Colorado by boat or walking on the rocks from Gigante, along a shady and delightful path that takes you in about 40 minutes. It is perfect to warm up engines if you are going to surf in one of the most powerful beach-breaks in the country.