Canal 2

Televicentro Canal 2 is a commercial television station broadcast from Managua, Nicaragua, founded in December 1965 by the company "Televicentro de Nicaragua S. A.". Which is currently owned by the RATENSA group.

Canal 2 is one of the most popular and popular television stations in Nicaragua, ranking second after Channel 10.

Canal 2 is also characterized and recognized by its slogan "The #1 is you", which has been maintained to date.

The company Televicentro de Nicaragua, S. A. was founded in December 1965 by businessman Octavio Sacasa Sarria. Canal 2 was the second television channel to appear in Nicaragua, after Canal 6, which was owned by the renowned family of then-President Somoza.

Canal 2 had its first official broadcast, this one in black and white in March 1966 and its first transmission to color was in 1973.

In order to improve its transmission, Canal 2 invests in an approximate of 11 transmission towers or antennas in the main sectors of the country, which also enables it to count on its repetitive frequency "Canal 7", which helps it to provide greater coverage throughout Nicaraguan territory, carrying its signal even to the border areas of the country.

Canel 2 is also characterized by the excellent programming of its news program:

  • Open Court
  • Politics
  • Economic Pulse Rate
  • We are Nicaragua
  • In My Neighborhood
  • Nationals
  • TV & Showcase

Contact information:

Roundabout the Güegüense 3c. To the lake, Bologna Managua, Nicaragua.

TELF: (+505)2255-2222 Ext-130