Popular Festivals

Nicaragua has a list of important celebrations for its citizens, one of them is the vigil of the immaculate conception of Maria, on December 8, popularly called the most pure.

This is a celebration in which many houses are built in honor of the virgin, and the neighbors come to pray before them, repeating and singing "who causes so much joy?" "The conception of Mary!" They distribute sweets and gifts to all attendees.

The well-known lion shouting was where the celebration of the purest began more than 100 years ago, this is undoubtedly the festival of the most brilliant in the country.

Holy Week

is celebrated with processions in almost every department of the country. The most famous are the lion. In Nicaragua, the whole country is paralyzed during Holy Week, since, coinciding with the warmest season, thousands flee to the most famous beaches such as Poneloya and Pochomil.

Being in one of those beaches in those days can become little relaxing, due to the large numbers of people who visit, on the other hand this is also a time when it is difficult to find accommodation anywhere in the country unless That a reservation has been made well in advance.

Another important popular celebration is the one of the Sandinista revolution the 19 of July in commemoration of the triumph against the Somocismo, where they arrive Sandinistas of all the country and the red and black flags cram everything. There are speeches, walks and songs.

14 and 15 September

the so-called national holidays take place, in which the victory of the battle of San Jacinto against the filibusters and the day of independence takes place.

All official holidays in Nicaragua are:

January 1st, Thursday and Holy Friday, May 1st (worker's party), July 19 (triumph of the revolution), September 14 (Battle of San Jacinto), September 15 (Independence Day), December 8 The immaculate conception), December 25 (Christmas).

They also usually give part-time of other parties such as:

March 8 (woman's day), May 30 (mother's day), November 2 (day of the deceased), December 7 (the most pure).