Vaccines Nicaragua

When you decide to travel to any country in the world there are certain health recommendations that must be followed, and one of the most important before embarking on any trip are vaccines.
International vaccination centers recommend that the following list of vaccines be kept up-to-date on the following list of vaccines: Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, DTT against tetanus and MMR (offering protection against measles, rubella and mumps ).
These vaccines will help protect you from diseases worldwide.

Immunizations to travel to Nicaragua
If you decide to travel to Nicaragua, we recommend visiting for 8 to 4 weeks before embarking on the trip to a personal doctor, an international health center or tropical medicine, to obtain vaccines or medicines that you may need.
To enter Nicaragua there are mandatory vaccines and some vaccines recommended to avoid certain diseases.
Mandatory vaccines to enter Nicaragua (reviewed through the vaccination card) are:

  • Yellow fever (this is mandatory for travelers coming from a South American country)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Polio
  • DPT
  • MMR
  • rubella
  • measles
  • paratiditis (for children under 5 years)


In addition to the mandatory vaccines mentioned above, you should consult your doctor with your travel plan, so that you can advise on other vaccines and extra medications that you may need during your trip to the country.
The recommended vaccinations for your trip to Nicaragua are:

  • Malaria: It is spread by mosquito bites. (Present in 7 departments of the country)
  • Rabies Vaccine: It can be found in dogs, bats and other mammals in Nicaragua. (Recommended for travelers engaged in outdoor activities)