Requirements for membership application

The common requirements for Visa Application Procedures Nonresident foreign classified in category "C" or Consulted Visa are:

  1. Photocopy of Passport Biodata pages with a minimum of six months.
  2. Visa Application letter, duly motivated the diplomatic or consular representation in Nicaragua will be addressed to the Director or Director General of the Directorate General of Immigration.
  3. Criminal Record Certificate or police the country of origin or residence of the last three years or, failing that, the certificate of Interpol Nicaragua.
  4. Once approved, the corresponding Visa, you must make the Escrow, equivalent to the value of a return ticket to their country of origin or residence.
  5. Handling commitment Notariado the applicant, where is obliged to cover costs during their stay abroad and return to their country of origin or residence.

Requirements for Residents Visas students, professionals and others.

Category "C" set out in the common and specific requirements of Migratory Residents categories.

Agents businesses and entrepreneurs entering the country on the occasion of their business or commercial activities, to address issues of personal interest or to assess the possibilities of starting production activities in the country must meet the following requirements for entry visa:

  1. Copy of Constitution or legal status of the Public Institution or Private requiring income from abroad.
  2. Power Management or Legal Representative of the public or private institution.
  3. Copy of the records of DGI, RUC and registration of the Mayoralty where you are located the business.

Exit visa requirements for foreign residents

  1. Visa form
  2. Payment corresponding to the visa fees: ordinary: C $ 200.00; three months: C $ 400.00; Six Months: C $ 800.00; year: C $ 1,600.00

The ordinary visa may be requested at the offices of Services and Immigration Procedures may be granted at border posts through the visa cancellation Tariff and presentation of the travel document and valid residence permit.
Multiple visa to foreign residents will be granted according to the duration of their residency card.
Exit visa requirements for foreign non-residents

  1. Visa form
  2. Original passport and copy
  3. Payment of custom duties
  4. At border posts will only make the payment of tariffs Visa and fine, and the presentation of the travel document.
  5. Not be registered income, in addition to the above requirements, it will make payment of the exit visa and the fine as appropriate, the same procedures apply when present in the border crossing points

Important points

If the traveler does not comply with visa rules, immigration authorities have the right to deport any traveler who does not respect these rules. a fine of 10 US $ travelers exceeding the visa exemption period is imposed.
Before traveling: Travelers should contact the representation of Nicaragua in the nearest abroad.
Pets: Cats and dogs must be accompanied by a veterinary health certificate and a certificate of vaccination against rabies issued in the country of origin.
Airport taxes: Travelers departing from Nicaragua are required to pay a departure tax of $ 35 US dollars.

Import regulations Currency: No restrictions on importing local currency (NIO Nicaragua Cordoba) and foreign currencies.

For more information:
General Directorate of Migration and Aliens