The weathwer in Nicaragua is a tropical climate and change much from one coast to another.

Temperatures range in the Pacific and Atlantic temperatures range from 72 ° F at night at 86 F per day (22 C-30 C) temperatures reach 100 ° F in May (38 C). The central part of the country has about 9 F (5 C) cooler, and in the mountains north is cooler 18 F (10 C).

Nicaragua's weather is marked by two seasons:

In Nicaragua they are given two seasons instead of four, as in many countries close to Ecuador.

There are two seasons: the dry (summer) and rainy (winter).

The dry season occurs during the months of November to April, there is little rain since this time is the sunniest and warmest in the country.

The rainy season occurs in the months of May to October. At this time the weather is nice and is considered a tropical shower. The rainiest part of the country is the Atlantic.

The weather of Nicaragua as in any other country, depends on several factors, including the time of year and what exactly region want to visit. However, the temperature difference is not very noticeable and is more conditioned by the altitude by the time of year.

In the country three kinds of climatic zones exist:

Lowlands (coast of the Pacific and Atlantic): From sea level to 750 meters.
temperate zone (central part of the country): From 750 meters to about 1600 meters.
Cold Lands (North Highlands): With altitudes above 1600 meters. It is located on the highest peaks of the central highlands.

Temperatures are usually quite high, so if you plan to visit Nicaragua we recommend you bring light summer clothes.

If traveling on the Atlantic or Lake Nicaragua during the rainy season we recommend the use of waterproof jackets and clothes a little warmer for the higher latitudes.