Ecolodge in Nicaragua

Ecolodge is a group of small hotels with a philosophy of respect for the environment and sustainable development. You can find Ecolodges establishments all over the world, although they are sponsored by Prestige, a prestigious European association of hotels that certifies them as green hotels.


Ecolodge, experiences from the heart of Nature

Ecological tourism or ecotourism in Nicaragua is booming. It is an alternative to conventional mass tourism that will help you to be in first hand contact with nature without giving up comfort.

Nicaragua's ecolodges are a great option for spending a few days in hotels with a focus on tourism activities that give preference to sustainability, preservation and appreciation of the environment.

Ecolodge in Nicaragua


Ecotourism Recognition in Nicaragua

The International Ecotourism Society defines "ecotourism" as responsible travel in natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.

Ecolodge is an alternative stay that complies with the philosophy of ecotourism. It is a type of accommodation that respects the principles of nature conservation, benefiting the local population and offering educational activities in accordance with the values they represent.

It is therefore necessary to distinguish this type of tourist establishment from the others, since they contribute to a greater extent to the development of Nicaragua and to the care of its environment.

History of the Ecolodges.

The term Ecolodge comes from the English word "Lodge", which means "lodge", and was used to name the hotels in Kenya's national parks, because these were small lodgings with few rooms, located in protected areas and serving few guests.

Ecolodge in Nicaragua

natural construction

The establishments called Ecolodges have to comply with a minimum of rules, by means of specific design techniques or standards: biosustainable construction and suitable location, always aiming to minimise the environmental impact, integration with the environment and achieve the adequate comfort.

The design of the ecolodge and the activities included in the enclosure should encourage interaction with the environment and the culture of the area.


The protection of the environment thanks to the Ecolodges.

The protection of the environment and resources is very important for the proper functioning of this type of establishment.

Genuine ecotourism should follow the following principles. Both for those who operate the services and for those who participate in them:


  • Minimize the negative impacts on the environment and the community generated by tourism.
  • Build respect and environmental and cultural awareness.
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • Provide direct financial benefits for nature conservation.
  • Provide direct economic benefits and strengthen participation in decision-making on the environment of the local community.
  • Create sensitivity to the political, environmental and social climate of host countries.
  • Support universal human rights and good labour laws.