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TreeHuggers is a Tour Agency & Social Enterprise based in Esteli, Nicaragua. As part of the Cafe Luz & Luna International Hostal Organization, TreeHuggers works to raise money to help develop the tourism industry in an environmentally responsible and community conscious way. By promoting locally guided tours, supporting community-based projects, and leading the way in sustainable tourism; TreeHuggers is constantly involved in developing a better tourism experience and a better Nicaragua. Come by our offices to book your tour today!

Whether you want to explore the famous Somoto Canyon, learn how some of the world’s best cigars are still hand-made right here, go birdwatching in the Miraflor Reserve, stay with a local family and learn traditional skills like making tortillas or growing coffee, or just to simply find your way to the market; TreeHuggers can help!

Stop by our office any time to ask our amazing guides how you can experience some of Nicaragua’s best tourism.

TreeHuggers is proud to be a non-profit social enterprise based on the simple principle that tourism shouldn’t just benefit the tourists. We’re committed to providing amazing tours that help give back to the communities that we work with on an everyday basis. One way we do this is through an initiative we call Luz Verde.

Luz Verde Projects are supported by the earnings of the non-profit Luna International Hostel, the Cafe Luz and the TreeHuggers Tourism Office. Luz Verde supports local employment and income generation through these three enterprises. It also operates on a non-profit basis, supporting a variety of local social projects with all profits.

LOCATION: Del Mesón 1c este/ Esquina noreste catedral 1c al norte

SCHEDULE: 8am-8pm

CONTACT: 8496-7449 / 8405-8919



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