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Hotel Cuallitlan

  • Price from $15 per person. For the cabins, ask for the price by phone.

Just 400 meters from the Pan American Highway, the south entrance of the city of Esteli Hotel is located Cuallitlan, which in Nahuatl language means “healthy place”. It was inaugurated in 2001. The eco hidden oasis in the capital of Snuff represents the best way of accommodation in the “Diamond of Segovia”.

Hotel Cuallitlan, noted for its uniqueness, distinctiveness, intimacy and style, is the only Boutique Hotel in Northern Nicaragua, with extensive experience in serving business tourists, foreigners and families, it offers cabins with facilities and equipment basic, gray very comfortable, hot shower and TV with cable service, also with wireless internet.

Each cottage has been built with a unique design, using friendly materials with the environment.

Surprise care and thanks with which they are designed, each corner of this hotel delos. A different concept of international travel.

LOCATION: Maxi Palí Estelí 100  metros norte 4 cuadras al este, 1 cuadra al Norte

HOURS: 6am – 11pm

CONTACT: 86322230  we serve by whatsapp


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