Trace your route to Selva Negra

Selva Negra

It is a unique place full of history culture and tradition built in 1975 in the mountains of Matagalpa, is a tourist center located in an extensive coffee plantation, we have the first gourmet coffee laced in Nicaragua that is produced with the strictest international protection standards The environment, wildlife, workers and the community. We also take care of our planet by growing organic vegetables and livestock, producing our own fertilizers and producing our hydraulic and solar energy. In this center there are many activities for those who like nature and sustainability 4 different tour (Nature Tour, Coffee Tour, Farm Tour, Night Tour), coffee museum, hiking for the reserve and horseback riding, Also characterized by its excellent service in restaurant, lodging, sale of handicrafts (cheese, jams), handicraft shop, Wi-Fi service and attention to social and international events.

The owners of the Black Forest are descendants of German colonists who came to this region in the 19th century. You can still see the German style in the rooms and in the restaurant, where there are also many old photos, newspaper articles, tools and other objects that give an impression of how the settlers became coffee growers.

The center offers different types of accommodation, all surrounded by nature and great tranquility.

The cabins are equipped with private rooms, private bathroom, equipped room and own porch overlooking the gardens, the capacities range from two to eight people, as there are one, two or four interior rooms.

The chalets are spacious, full of history and built in an old German style. Here there are four: two with capacity for six people, and another two for up to 12 people.

The hotel rooms are American style and have a private bathroom plus a shared porch overlooking the lake.

The youth hostel is suitable for low budget travelers. There is a large building that can accommodate up to 20 people.

In the Black Forest can be developed countless activities. Visit the website for more information.

Note: Accommodation prices do not include restaurant service, this is provided separately.

LOCATION: Kilometer 140 Matagalpa road to Jinotega.

CONTACT: Tel: (505) 8100-9100. Cell: (505) 8509-4871.